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Computers 4 Kidz








Just a few pics and  a few words from some of the wonderful families we have served.

"I can do my homework when I need to type something easier! Thank you so much this will make my life so much easier" -Adriana Holquin, 13
"Thanks alot for helping my kids with this computer." -Camille Gonzales
"Both my kids learn better hands on than telilng them.  I think this is a very good item to help them. Thanx" -Christina Bernard
"This gives them better access to information, better ability to do their homework.  Computers for kidz is an awesome program.  Thank you for everything." -Nancy Woolery
"My son is far behind, but he do good on computer.  I thank you very much this will make the boys xmas great!" -Melody Collins Mayfield
"The computer is wonderful to practice basic academic learning.  This is a wonderful program.  Thank You!" -Seth & Karin Reddick
"Since everything is computerized this will advance myself and my kids.  This is greatly appreciated" -Lucy Arias
"My oldest daughter is using a computer at school and I think they need this at home for their future.  Thanks a million!" -Jennifer Jones
"This computer will help him study & learn.  He will need to know alot about computers for the rest of his life." -Kim Lindsey
"Thank you so very much.  i think this program is great!" -Andrea Jones
"The computer you gave us makes the schoolwork more fun.  Something different.  Great Job. Wonderful for kids.  Thank You." -Brittany Engh
"I will be able to type my essays for school now.  Thank you so very much." -Andrea Shaffer
"As a young mom at 17 yrs old trying to graduate I want to give my child a opportunity that I never had.  My family and I really appreciate what you all do for us and our family.  God Bless You!!!!!!!" - Kim Garcia